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Foldable bluetooth keyboard for...

This foldable Bluetooth keyboard turns your foldable phone into a full laptop. A full-size qwerty-keyboard that can be...
49,95 €

Green Screen Choma Key Set

Create amazing video effects with this green screen set. Includes green backdrop textile and two tripods.
99,95 €

Handsfree Stabiliser

The handsfree stabiliser is a unique camera control system. It allows you to operate a camera (or the iPad with Movie Mount)...
39,95 €

Movie Mount for iPad

The Movie Mount for iPad is a unique piece of hardware which allows you to radically improve video capture with the iPad. It...
39,95 €
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Wide Angle Lens

The wide-angle lens gives you a broader field of view. It's a perfect match for the Movie Mount. Ideal for sports, landscape...
29,95 €

Tripod for Movie Mount

This tripod from the quality German brand HAMA is fully compatible with the Movie Mount. It prevents camera shake and jerky...
49,95 €
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