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Pocket WiFi Radar NEW

Free WiFi on your phone ! This software helps you connect to open wireless access points with a single mouseclick. It's WiFi for Dummies. Get your mail and browse the web without being charged. The ideal WiFi-tool for frequent travellers and mobile professionals. Pocket WiFi Radar will connect to open hotspots automatically and shows you exactly what it is doing in a cool animated radar screen. The iPhone version is not a scanner, but knows 20.000 free hotspots wordwide and leads you them with GPS.

Watch TV, make Skype calls and IM: everything's possible with a free WiFi connection. But if you have ever tried to use the Pocket PC's built-in connection manager, you know what a hassle it can be to quickly check your mail or browse the web on the go.

Pocket WiFi Radar automates all of this. It's main goal is to let you get your mail or surf the web as quickly as possible, without having to go through all of the connection trouble, and without having to pull your creditcard. Just run it and it'll connect you for FREE to the internet. It doesn't get easier than this.

The ideal WiFi-tool for frequent travellers and mobile professionals. Pocket WiFi Radar will connect to open hotspots and automatically get your email or start any program you want. All of that in a cool animated radar screen. You may walk around and it will keep scanning untill it finds a free internet connection for you. It plays a sound and opens your webbrowser as soons as it succesfully finds a open, unsecured access point. But you may also use it to connect to your WEP-secured access point.


Supported Windows Mobile Touchscreen Models: click here

Supported Smartphones (Windows Mobile non-touchscreen devices):

Samsung BlackJack II,AT&T Samsung BlackJack II,Vodafone Samsung SGH-i620,AT&T / Cingular 3125 (5.0),T-Mobile SDA U.S. (5.0),Vodafone Samsung SGH-i640,O2 Xda Phone,i-mate SP5 (5.0),O2 Xda Cosmo,Toshiba Portege G500 ,Samsung ACE,Sprint Samsung ACE,Dopod 557w,Dopod 586w,Verizon PN-820,T-Mobile Dash,HTC MTeoR,HTC S620/621,HTC S310,HTC S710,Sprint Motorola Q,HTC S720,Samsung BlackJack,Vodafone v1240,Vodafone 1210,T-Mobile Shadow,Verizon SMT5800,Orange SPV E650,i-mate SPL (5.0),Orange SPV C600 (5.0),O2 Xda Graphite,AT&T / Cingular 2125 (5.0),i-mate SPJAS,HTC S730,Asus M530w,AT&T Pantech Duo,Pantech Duo,Dopod S300,Dopod C720W,i-mate SP5m (5.0),Pantech PN-820,Dopod 595,Qtek 8300 (5.0),O2 Xda IQ,Palm Treo 500,Qtek 8310 (5.0),Qtek 8500,Samsung SGH-i620,Samsung SGH-i640,Samsung SGH-i600,Mobile Assistant XPA v1405,T-Mobile MDA Mail,Vodafone Palm Treo 500v

Supported Symbian phones:

LG KT610,Samsung SGH-i560,Samsung SGH-i570,Nokia 6210 Navigator,Nokia N78,Nokia 5700 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia 6290 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia N76 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia N79,Nokia N85,Nokia N93i (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia N96,Nokia E71,Samsung i8510 INNOV8,Nokia 6110 Navigator,Nokia E90 Communicator,Nokia 6120 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia N75 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia N77 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia N80 IE (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia N91 8Gb (S60 3rd Ed.),Nokia 3250 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia N95 (S60 3rd Edition),Samsung G810,Samsung SGH-i520,LG JoY,Nokia 6124,Nokia N80 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia N71 (S60 3rd Edition),Samsung i7110,Nokia N73 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia E66,Nokia N92 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia E60 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia E61(S60 3rd Edition),Nokia E70 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia E50 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia 5500d (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia 6220 Classic,Nokia N91 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia 6650,Nokia E63,Nokia N81,Nokia E51,Nokia N93 (S60 3rd Edition),Nokia E62 (S60 3rd Edition),Samsung L870,Nokia E65,Nokia E61i,Nokia 5800 XpressMusic,Nokia 5320 XpressMusic,Nokia N97,Nokia N82,Nokia 6121,Nokia N95 8GB,Samsung SGH-i400,Samsung SGH-i450,Samsung SGH-i550

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