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iPhone calendar & weekly planner

The most beautifully designed calendar for the iPhone. Simple, sleek and fast. We made this because we believe that 'less is more'. A clutterfree agenda that gives you a clear overview of the week's events and lets you enter appointments fast.

Engadget: "Beautiful and sleek, a clutterfree replacement for the built-in calendar"

iPhoneclub: "Automatic transfer of your old iPhone calendar items is a nice feature"

BestiPhoneApps: "This calendar is a dream come true"

iPhone calendar

Five years after the introduction of the iPhone, a week view is still sorely missing. And so are week numbers, an often used feature in Europe for scheduling appointments. Because we didn't like all the other third party calendars out there, we deciced to develope one ourselves.

The result is a weekly planner that lets you enter appointments faster than any other app, gives you a clearer overview and looks prettier. Don't ask us for advanced features like all-day or recurring events, synchronisation with iCal or Google's Calendar. We want to keep this simple and easy.

What you get:

- Scroll easily between weeks
- Beautiful colors for every week
- Enter new appointments with two taps
- Enter description and notes for appointments
- Fast jump to any week in the past and future
- Alarms integrated into notifications centre
- Optional sounds
- Set preference for 12h or 24h notation
- Set preference for notification time


Get it from the App Store for only $ 1.99 / EUR 1.59