Wireless Apple CarPlay dongle

Wireless Apple CarPlay in every car. This dongle turns any cheap Android auto headunit into a luxury Apple CarPlay system.

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Works with after-market Android car radios, built-in Android Auto navigation systems and even cheap Android tablets. Equip your car with a wireless Apple CarPlay system. This tiny device, smaller then a matchbox, attaches to your Android system and communicates wirelessly with your iPhone. Within seconds, you have the trusted Apple CarPlay user interface on your car display.

Use Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps for navigation, including the realtime traffic information that allows these apps to find the fastest route. Control Spotify, Apple Music, WhatsApp and Siri from your car display. No need to remove your iPhone from your pocket; the connection is automatic and wireless. 

  • Do you have Android Auto in your car, and would you prefer Apple CarPlay? Then this device and your iPhone is all you need.

  • Do you have an old car radio and would you like to upgrade to Apple CarPlay? Android radio's can be purchased already starting from $100 (like the Gfyee 9701 or Xomax 2VA754). By adding this device, you can be up and running for less than $200.

  • Do you have an Android tablet? You can run Apple CarPlay on it with this dongle (but you may need a mini-USB to large USB adapter)

Much, much cheaper than Pioneer or Kenwood CarPlay systems, costing more than $700. 

Download the free Android app for the dongle here